Next generation quiz for your

AI power and competitive elements bring new level of fun to quiz mechanics.

Server room

AI-generated questions

Give our AI machine some basic information about players and their preferences, and it will surprise you with questions designed just for you.

Two men facing each other

Not just for the geeks

Playing quizzes can be boring and unsatisfying for those who are unfamiliar with the questions. We have added risk mechanics to make it fun for everyone.

Girl with a laptop in the park

Remote and offline

Works great for any type of gathering, whether players are on different continents or in the same room.

Kvistly is fun for

  • 1

    Prediction phase

    Before answering a question, players can bet points on their confidence level.

  • 2

    Earning Kvistly points

    If they answered right, they get points. If they were wrong, they lose points.

  • 3

    Winner is the player with the most points

    This makes the game more dynamic and fun for everyone.

Composing quizzes is hard
easy & magical!